May 8, 2012

Kids Quest Museum

About a month ago we went to the Kids Quest Museum with our cousins.
The kids had a blast!
 They could have played at the water river thing for hours! They would throw the ball up river and watch it come back down to them. Blakley didn't really have aim when she would throw her ball and ended up just throwing balls all over.
 They were both kind of unsure of this. They were to push the buttons to make the water shoot up to make a sound. There was some back splash, hence why they are both trying to cover their faces.
 Grayson also spent a ton of time in the semi-truck. Anytime he managed to get away from us we were sure to find him here. (You can also see how wet he got from playing with the water)
Mid bounce on the dog bouncy toy. This was in the play area for littler kids. She just ran around playing with everything she could.

February 6, 2012

Potato Heads?!

The kids each got a potato head for Christmas. They play with them all the time and every time this is the first thing they do, put those glasses on themselves.
Grayson knows that they go on his eyes, but silly Blakley thinks they go over her mouth. Even if I tell her they go on her eyes, she takes them right off and puts them over her mouth again.

January 25, 2012

Snow Week!

Last week the Seattle area was hit with day after day for snow(not usual for the area). Monday we didn't have any snow at our house but my parents had about 6in. So I took the kids up to play.
We only played for about 30min but this is how it went. Blakley got pulled around in the sled and was loving it. Grayson really didn't want to do anything, he just filled up his dump truck with snow and pulled it around.
 Blakley and Auntie having some fun!
 A few days later we got a good amount of snow. The kids didn't want to go out and play so I got a big bowl full of snow so they could play inside. The next morning that was the first thing they asked for, their bowl of snow.
 Than after all the snow, we got about 6in in all, there was an ice storm. It was so pretty!
Until this happened...not so pretty.

January 23, 2012

Grayson is 3!

On his actual birthday we kept it low key. We went to play at McDonald's. His Aunt and cousins brought him over some amazing cupcakes! Opened a gift and that was about it.
A few days later we had a family party for him. Thanks to everyone that came!
We had some lunch, play games(there was a great game of duck, duck, goose), and had cupcakes!
Toy story shaving kit. He doesn't like his face to be messy so we shave his arms.
Can't go wrong with money! When we go to Target he gets to pick something out with his money.
And Auntie Kerissa got him a present that will last for years to come, a Betta fish!
He loves it and always wants to feed it and catch it with the little net.

January 12, 2012

Zoo Lights

The day after Christmas we made it out to Point Defiance Zoo to see the lights.
 They had fun scenes like this one, others were animated.
 In the middle area of the zoo the just had lights everywhere.
 There was even a few animals we checked out. They loved checking out the fishes.
They were able to fed some goats also. It didn't get a picture of it but one of the goats tried to eat Blakley's hat she had on. It has little pom-poms on it, i guess he thought it was food.
To end the night the kids took a ride on the carousel. They loved it!

January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas! It was nice to start it out by going to
Church and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

When we got back from church we let the kids open the presents Santa left for them on the couch. They played with those presents while we wanted for my family to come over. They kids were loving it! They went from one gift to the next than back to one they had already opened, than spotted a new present and opened that one. 
 Blakley loved all her new clothes she got. She is a true girl and loves clothes and shoes!
 Grayson was in heaven with his tool table and trains he got.
 I just had to post this. While we were waiting for my family to show up the kids entertained themselves with the box of Kevin's gift.
After we opened gifts with my family the kids napped and than we went open to Grandma and Grandpa Evans house. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures there. They had fun playing with their cousins and didn't do too bad in the present department either!
It was a great day and we feel so blessed to be back home with our families!

December 24, 2011

Snowflake Lane

A few weeks ago we went to Snowflake Lane.
They have drummer boys, music, snow fairies, and of course snow!
 We got there early to get right next to the drummer's platform. We went on a Monday night and it turned out there wasn't a ton of people and the drums were a lot louder than I remember. So it didn't really matter.
 Near the end of the show it starts to snow. Blakley thought it was the greatest thing ever! You can't see the snow in the picture but she would just look up at point at it.
 Grayson loved the girls handing out the suckers, just stared at the drummer boy and wanted daddy to hold him the whole time.
 It was fun to be back home and be able to do this with my family!