January 23, 2012

Grayson is 3!

On his actual birthday we kept it low key. We went to play at McDonald's. His Aunt and cousins brought him over some amazing cupcakes! Opened a gift and that was about it.
A few days later we had a family party for him. Thanks to everyone that came!
We had some lunch, play games(there was a great game of duck, duck, goose), and had cupcakes!
Toy story shaving kit. He doesn't like his face to be messy so we shave his arms.
Can't go wrong with money! When we go to Target he gets to pick something out with his money.
And Auntie Kerissa got him a present that will last for years to come, a Betta fish!
He loves it and always wants to feed it and catch it with the little net.