May 21, 2008

Six Flags

So on our last day in Dallas we went to Six Flags. We were both really excited about it, but it didn't last long. On our 2nd ride Kevin hurt his tail bone and couldn't even sit without being in really bad pain.
This is Kevin and I and the Batman ride. We stode in line for an hour but it was worth it.
Becuase we couldn't do anymore rides we just walked around looking at the litte shops. We found this guys that was blowing glass. It's hard to tell in the picutre but he was making a little humming bird. It was very interesting to watch.

Every Thing Is Bigger In Texas

There was a lot to do in Dallas and we took advantage of it. The first night we were there we went to Studio Movie Grill. It's a movie theater and restaurant in one. It was a fun concept and we wish they had one up here. While we were in the movie a storm rolled in. So when we went to leave it was pouring (I've never seen it rain that had ever). This was bad because we didn't know where we were going, we couldn't even see the lane lines and we kept getting stuck on the turnpikes. We finally made it back to our hotel to find out that there was a tornado watch in affect. We were kind of excited about it we thought it would be fun to see a tornado from a good distance but on luck.

The second night we went to a dinner and a show with one of Kevin's co-workers. It was placed in medieval times with a full meal and a show full of fun.

They placed us in groups by the color of the crown you were given. Kevin loved wearing his!

It was really dark in there but these are some of the horeses and knights awaiting the fights.

This was our knight after winning his fight!

I think this was the best part. Near the end the stared jousting, you could obviously tell it was all fake but it was still fun to watch.

Fun In Phoenix!

Last week we had a week of travel, our first stop was Phoenix for a few days. The first night we were there we just went out to eat and relaxed. The next night we thought it would be fun to go see another baseball stadium. So we made our way downtown. We found this cute little Mexican restaurant then made our way over to the game.

The stadium it's self was really nice. We were surprised how calm it was though. If you have ever been to a Mariners games fans are going crazy, the music is loud, people are yelling. But there the fans were calm and the atmosphere was just a lot quieter.

While walking around downtown we found a Hard Rock Cafe and just took a picture. We have never been there before but didn't have time to stop.

I thought these cacti were so cute for some reason and Kevin made fun of me for it. So a funny story, I went to touch them to see if they were really pokey. I touched the front one on the right and it wasn't pokey at all. So as Kevin went to take a picture of me and the cactus I posed as if I was sitting on it and got poked, but I got too close and got poked really hard. Kevin just laughed at me, but it really hurt.

May 7, 2008

The Best Two Years!

Monday was our two year anniversary and we just took the day to visit some fun spots in Washington(next week we are going to Phoenix and Dallas for a real anniversary celebration). We went up to Anacortes, then over to Deceptions pass. We walked some of the trails around the bridge and took in the views. From there we went down to Fort Casey, which is an old WW1 artillery post . It was pretty cool to walk through the old buildings and bunkers and to see the huge cannons! I wish I had pictures to share but our camera died before be got there. But none the less we had a great day together and can't wait until next week for our trip!