May 21, 2008

Fun In Phoenix!

Last week we had a week of travel, our first stop was Phoenix for a few days. The first night we were there we just went out to eat and relaxed. The next night we thought it would be fun to go see another baseball stadium. So we made our way downtown. We found this cute little Mexican restaurant then made our way over to the game.

The stadium it's self was really nice. We were surprised how calm it was though. If you have ever been to a Mariners games fans are going crazy, the music is loud, people are yelling. But there the fans were calm and the atmosphere was just a lot quieter.

While walking around downtown we found a Hard Rock Cafe and just took a picture. We have never been there before but didn't have time to stop.

I thought these cacti were so cute for some reason and Kevin made fun of me for it. So a funny story, I went to touch them to see if they were really pokey. I touched the front one on the right and it wasn't pokey at all. So as Kevin went to take a picture of me and the cactus I posed as if I was sitting on it and got poked, but I got too close and got poked really hard. Kevin just laughed at me, but it really hurt.