October 30, 2008

Halloween fun

Last night we were going to carve our pumpkins but Kevin wasn't feeling very well so I ended up just carving my pumpkin. Hopefully he will be feeling better to get his done, but I have a feeling I might end up doing it. Anyways...here is a look at my pumpkin.

October 20, 2008

Oh Baby

So I just made it to my six month mark!
I'd say it's all down hill from here, but who am I trying to fool. I've felt very blessed to have a pleasant pregnancy so far. I didn't really get sick, had a week of bad back pain around my 14th week. But other then that things have been good until now. In the past few weeks the back pain is always there, my feet are starting to swell and hurt from the extra weight and getting around is harder in general.
Needless to say we are more than excited to have this little addition to our family.

October 11, 2008

Aww Puppy!

How cute is this! A couple weeks ago we decided to get Jojo a friend. At first they didn't get along so well but they are learning to love each other. We spent all Saturday morning driving around to different adoption places to try and find a dog, without much luck we gave up. But as soon as we got home I jumped on craigslist and there she was, our little Bella.

October 9, 2008

Our Cute Little House.

I have finally found my camera cord, so as promised pictures of the house. Well really just one picture for right now.

It's still crazy to think that a month ago we were looking at apartments and now we are living in and able to buy this house. It all happened so fast! But as you can see from the boxes on the front pourch, we are still in the messy unpacking phase. So when we get all settled I'll post some pictures of the inside.