February 23, 2010


Last week when we went to get Grayson's hair cut he got a prize when he was done, it was a little thing of bubbles. I thought well that's dumb what's he going to do with bubbles. Until we decided to use them, this was the result.

February 22, 2010

And He's Walking...

I got a semi-good video of him walking today, not the best but much improved from last week.

Reno So Far

Here are just some pictures from the last couple weeks since we've moved.
Grayson got his 4th haircut, his hair grows so fast! We got it cut really short this time but now we can't wait for it to grow back out a little.
This is the door to out garage. Lately this is what happens when they hear the garage opening. Grayson and even the dogs race over to the door and wait for Kevin to come in.

This was Grayson playing in the snow for the first time. He was loving it until Jojo kicked snow on his face while laying down making a snow angel.

February 21, 2010

So Close...but not really

This is from last week and within the week he has started to get more control of his steps and has better balance.
He also just takes off from holding to something. I've tired to get a video of him but he just does it so it's hard to capture.

February 18, 2010

One Year Pictures

We finally got our laptop charger in the mail, so I can share these pictures.
I love this picture. This is his new face he makes about a hundred times an hour and it's always accompanied by "OHHhhh!"

I still can't believe how fast time goes. He is now almost 14 months and getting into everything. It's so much fun to see him explore and learn new things. In our house he wasn't able to get to any of the bathrooms but in our temp housing he always manages to find his way to one. I heard him this morning, as I was getting ready, splashing in the toilet water. Ewww!
He is being very stubborn about walking or even standing by himself. We know he can do it but he just choices to still rely on his army crawl. He'll get there sooner or later I just hope it's before our little girl comes. Having two kids that we'd have to carry does not sound fun.

February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Grayson wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!