February 25, 2008

5 Months!

Since I last posted picutres of our place we have done a lot. My favorite addition has been our couch! I can actully watch a movie with Kevin and cuddle. :)

We also got a new TV. Are other one had been through a lot, was very old and big! So finally it just died one day. But I think we both ok with that.

I got that cute lader shelf for chirstmas and also the clock. Everything seems to be coming together.

As for improving the house cosmetically we did a lot right when we moved in but have not done much since. But we have started painting our doors that has turned out to be a pain. We tend to do a little there and a little here, we are both so busy that it taken some time to finish. Hopefully we will finish soon and be able to move on to something else.

February 14, 2008

Just call me a plumber!

I was so pround of myself last night! The toilet in the masterbath was almost always running water from the tank to the bowl and then the tank would have to fill its self. So I set out to fix it and I did! I know it's not that exciting but when things need fixing I tend to call the pro's to come fix it. So when I set out to fix it on my own and did it was awesome for me!