November 13, 2010

What We've Been Up To

We really haven't been up to much the weather has gotten
cold and we usually hang out inside playing.
This is Grayson's new thing to do. Every time I open the
fridge he will sit on the bottom ledge so I can't close it.

This was from a few weeks ago but Blakley has learned how to roll over. She has learned how to get that arm out from under her and when you set her down she will immediately roll over.
Grayson loves to pretend to play games with Daddy. Although lately he seems to watch more intently so no more watching daddy play.

We also gave Blakley a puff the other day for the first time. She gets so excited when she sees we're about to give her one.

November 6, 2010

Big Girl Bath

So the other day I gave Blakley a bath in her Bumbo.
She loved it!
Although she was too light to keep it sunk, so it made it hard to actually bathe her. I had to hold the bumbo down with one hand while trying to wash her with the other.
What a cutie all bundled up after bath time!

November 1, 2010


So we weren't sure if he was going to get the whole trick-0r-treat concept but after a few cars he realized what was going go.

This was the first car we went to, he just kinda stood back to looked. I had to walk him up and put his bucket up.

He also would occasionally just stop and start going through his candy.

"Hey daddy I know what's in the bowl, give me some!"

Blakley got all bundled up and it doesn't look like she enjoyed it much.