December 1, 2007

Here Comes the Second Storm

So the snow from last night was just the beginning...

....and it just kept snowing!

First Snow

As anyone knows, if you are from washington, when it snows here it is a big deal. But yes it did snow last night! We weren't sure how Jojo would handle it becuase she is so small there is not much there to keep her warm. But she loved it! She found some neighbor kids to play with and just chased them around for like 20 minutes. I wish I would have taken a picutre. It was so funny!

November 26, 2007

Going on 2 months!

I can't beleive we have been in our condo for almost two months now! Kevin and I are loving it and have a blast making it our own. We are still waiting on the new furniture but until then the "college student" furniture will do.

I love our guest bathroom! I had so much fun finding everything to get it done!

The office is Kevin's "mission" room. This room is still in it's growing state but it's nice to just go in here to read or do some scrapbooking.

Our room is sadly the last room to get done. Our condo has so much more wall space then are apartment so there is nothing left to hang in here. Maybe we'll get something for chirstmas. :)

November 4, 2007

Well I'm not really sure what I am doing but I thought hey let's try this out. So here goes nothing. :)