September 9, 2011

Sand Sculpting

Last week we headed over to Federal Way to check out the sand sculpting championships. They had all finished their creations and were already judged except for one. We watched him sculpt a mermaid, it was pretty cool to see what they could do with sand.
 Grayson seemed more interested in the birds flying around than the sand at times, and didn't get why we couldn't play in it.
There were lots of good ones but I think this one was my favorite.

September 2, 2011

Lake Meridian Park

Earlier this week we met up with our cousins to play at the park.
 Blakley loved climbing up the stairs on the pirate ship and looking out the port holes.
Yay! we love playing with cousins!
And Grayson went down the slide by himself! He has always been scared to do the slide but he went right up to the slide and slid down all on his own!