November 28, 2011


We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We were blessed to have both our families over and had a great time. Lots of food and yummy dessert!
 Kind of a funny picture of Grayson but he was loving the turkey's
Auntie made from oreos, kisses, and rolo's.
Blakley also loved them! She sat there and eat her dessert and loved every minute of it.

November 9, 2011

Love My Kids!

I went upstairs, after getting Grayson some breakfast, to get Blakley out of bed. I came back down to see this. I guess he wanted more! You'll notice his bowl is just pushed off to the side at this point, he was just eating it off the table with his spoon.
 Saturdays are my days I get out and go get some stuff done. I came home and saw Grayson playing around but didn't see Blakley. Poor girl was very tired! Kevin said she went over to the living to and the next thing he knew she was fast asleep on the floor.

November 3, 2011



Blakley really didn't get the whole trunk or treating thing. She just wanted to run around with all the other kids. Being that we were in a parking lot I said it would be better if she just hung out with dad at the car. So she helped dad pass out candy and even found herself a sucker.
 After all our candy was gone and daddy could walk around with us we
let Blakley run around and Grayson just followed behind daddy.

Halloween Night
The kids loved going trick-or-treating!
 Grayson was so funny! The first few houses he would go right up to the jack-o-lanterns and blow them out. Than he started knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell and than he would turn around and walk away. He did this at almost all the houses.
 Blakley decided she wanted to take a break here on the front porch. She just sat down and picked out a piece of candy and tried to eat it. After a little freak out because she couldn't;t get it open auntie opened it for her and she was quit content.
We had a fun night with the kids and family!