November 9, 2011

Love My Kids!

I went upstairs, after getting Grayson some breakfast, to get Blakley out of bed. I came back down to see this. I guess he wanted more! You'll notice his bowl is just pushed off to the side at this point, he was just eating it off the table with his spoon.
 Saturdays are my days I get out and go get some stuff done. I came home and saw Grayson playing around but didn't see Blakley. Poor girl was very tired! Kevin said she went over to the living to and the next thing he knew she was fast asleep on the floor.


Linds said...

Hilarious! What fun kids!

Alisha and Braeden said...

ha ha you sure do have some cute kids!

What I Did Today said...

Hahaha! Don't you just love how they manage to take a small amount of anything and make a huge mess out of it? Adorable kids, you two have got. They are just too precious!