May 8, 2012

Kids Quest Museum

About a month ago we went to the Kids Quest Museum with our cousins.
The kids had a blast!
 They could have played at the water river thing for hours! They would throw the ball up river and watch it come back down to them. Blakley didn't really have aim when she would throw her ball and ended up just throwing balls all over.
 They were both kind of unsure of this. They were to push the buttons to make the water shoot up to make a sound. There was some back splash, hence why they are both trying to cover their faces.
 Grayson also spent a ton of time in the semi-truck. Anytime he managed to get away from us we were sure to find him here. (You can also see how wet he got from playing with the water)
Mid bounce on the dog bouncy toy. This was in the play area for littler kids. She just ran around playing with everything she could.