January 29, 2011

Little Inchworm

So we have all been sick this last week so excuse my nasally voice and Blakley's stuffy nose. But here she is getting around.
She has been scooting around since the beginning of December but just wont actually move those hands forward while on her knees.
She kinda reminds me of an inchworm when she is "crawling".

January 24, 2011

Decoration Withdrawal

Since taking down all the Christmas decorations I felt like my house seemed empty. I was looking forward to getting my Valentines Day stuff out. I thought I had more stuff than I did, with everything put up I needed more. I set out for more. I first made this little printout to go in the wreath on the front door. I than went on a search of some blogs I follow. I found this "Be Mine" banner. I had these prints printed out and swapped them out with the Christmas ones I had up. It's not a lot but it's a more than I had!

January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Grayson turned two! We had two little parties for him.
The first one was while my family was here.
(you'll notice that he was not to fond of the candle flame and the smoke)

We had some cupcakes that were not so great. The bright blue frosting stained everything. We ended up scraping off all the frosting and just eating the cake.
He got the idea of opening presents very quick.

The second party we had yesterday, on his birthday.
He was so excited to open his big present!
He got some zoo and farm animals from Grandma and Grandpa Evans.
I see a future basketball player! He better get a little taller though.

I got smart the second time and just got a chocolate cake.
Although he was even more scared of the candle and smoke from blowing it out this time around.

January 4, 2011

Awful Awful

Last week while my family was here we took the time to go see a few things around Reno.
We went up to Virginia City, an old mining town.
We went in the old fire house. Inside there were old fire trucks from the 18oo's.
We watched as they made candy.
And went to the old Saloon
(which had been turned into a casino, it is Nevada after all).

After that we drove into Reno to the Nugget. We heard there was a burger place called Awful Awful that we had to go try. It turns out there was no special burger place but just a restaurant that served a burger called "awful awful". We all got one and had a yummy lunch.
We found a huge arcade area and Grayson loved it.
All the sounds and lights, just what he likes.
As we were leaving Grayson couldn't resist a little dance session.