January 4, 2011

Awful Awful

Last week while my family was here we took the time to go see a few things around Reno.
We went up to Virginia City, an old mining town.
We went in the old fire house. Inside there were old fire trucks from the 18oo's.
We watched as they made candy.
And went to the old Saloon
(which had been turned into a casino, it is Nevada after all).

After that we drove into Reno to the Nugget. We heard there was a burger place called Awful Awful that we had to go try. It turns out there was no special burger place but just a restaurant that served a burger called "awful awful". We all got one and had a yummy lunch.
We found a huge arcade area and Grayson loved it.
All the sounds and lights, just what he likes.
As we were leaving Grayson couldn't resist a little dance session.


What I Did Today said...

Looks like fun! Grayson's dance moves are just too CUTE! Hahaha!