January 25, 2012

Snow Week!

Last week the Seattle area was hit with day after day for snow(not usual for the area). Monday we didn't have any snow at our house but my parents had about 6in. So I took the kids up to play.
We only played for about 30min but this is how it went. Blakley got pulled around in the sled and was loving it. Grayson really didn't want to do anything, he just filled up his dump truck with snow and pulled it around.
 Blakley and Auntie having some fun!
 A few days later we got a good amount of snow. The kids didn't want to go out and play so I got a big bowl full of snow so they could play inside. The next morning that was the first thing they asked for, their bowl of snow.
 Than after all the snow, we got about 6in in all, there was an ice storm. It was so pretty!
Until this happened...not so pretty.


What I Did Today said...

Wasn't it so crazy. Love the bowl of snow idea. Sorry about your fence. That's lame.