December 24, 2011

Snowflake Lane

A few weeks ago we went to Snowflake Lane.
They have drummer boys, music, snow fairies, and of course snow!
 We got there early to get right next to the drummer's platform. We went on a Monday night and it turned out there wasn't a ton of people and the drums were a lot louder than I remember. So it didn't really matter.
 Near the end of the show it starts to snow. Blakley thought it was the greatest thing ever! You can't see the snow in the picture but she would just look up at point at it.
 Grayson loved the girls handing out the suckers, just stared at the drummer boy and wanted daddy to hold him the whole time.
 It was fun to be back home and be able to do this with my family!


What I Did Today said...

Aw!!! Such cute pictures! I totally forgot about Snowflake Lane! I would have loved to take the girls and my visiting brother too! Love the family pic. :)