February 28, 2011

Poor Baby Girl

Saturday night we had an unexpected trip to the ER. I had just finished feeding her and she fell out of her Bumbo and hit her head on the edge of the centerpiece on the table. It looked like it was a deep cut but we didn't know if we should take her in or not. We called up Auntie, who is a nurse. She talked to her mom who is also a nurse. They both said that you could take care of it at home but there might be a scar if not done right. So we decided to take her in just in case she needed stitches.
She did really good considering we left for the ER right when she should have been going to bed, not to mention she didn't take a good nap. She was all smiles and full of giggles. The only time she cried was when the Dr. first looked at it. She didn't even cry when they cleaned it up.
After 4 hours we were on our way home with a clean cut and some neosporin on it.


Katie Teed said...

Ohh, that is sooo scary. I'm glad it turned out all right.