February 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Cute

The Good:
Blakley has gotten good enough at sitting up that her and Grayson can take baths together.
The Bad:
These two are already causing trouble. Grayson pulled out all the wipes so Blakley could play with them...isn't he so nice.
The Cute:
After every nap Grayson loves to go get "sissy". Blakley bounces up and down while Grayson jumps and runs around her. They love it!


Katie Teed said...

It's kind of nice having Mabel as my buffer between Charlie and Faye. She makes sure Charlie doesn't get too rough with her. That wipes picture looks familiar...ooh yeah, Charlie does the same thing for Faye! I don't like condoning tattling, but I secretly like it when Mabel tells me that Charlie is being naughty! Makes my job a little easier.

Liselle said...

aww your kids are SOO cute! even the bad is cute :). haha. what a sweetie. sad about her head though!! poor baby!