March 21, 2011

3 weeks

So it's been three weeks since my surgery and things are getting back to normal. Kevin has gone back to work and my sister has come and gone. Now it's just me and the kids again.
The surgery went better than the Dr. and us thought. The hernia it self was smaller than the Dr. thought, good news. But because I was so big with both pregnancies my abdominal wall was stretched to it's limits and never recovered fully. So instead of being at 100% thickness mine is more like at 35%, not so good news.
The recovery was not so fun. Originally I was going to have to be in the hospital for at most a week, but because it wasn't as bad the Dr. actually sent me home the day of surgery(although looking back I think I would have like to stay in the hospital). The first 4 days I couldn't keep anything in me or even eat at times. Things got better after that, I was still in pain but was able to get up for short periods during the day. The second week was much better I was able to actually be out of bed and pretty much walk around without much difficulty. Week three I'm almost back to normal. If I do a lot of bending over and lifting by the end of the day I'm hurting but over all feeling good.
I'm counting down that days until I start exercising to
try and help with my thin abdominal wall.


Linds said...

Oh man. Brian has to have a hernia surgery as well and I'm not looking forward to the recovery...but maybe now I know what to expect. Glad to hear that you are doing better!