October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We ventured out to the pumpkin patch and Grayson had a great time. Blakley as usual slept most of the time. Grayson wondered the patch until he found his pumpkin. He actually tried to pick up almost all of them as he walked by.
They had lots of fun activities. A kid sized corn maze, an art barn, a big tee pee, an old tractor to climb on, a corn box(like a sand box but with corn) and a petting zoo.
Grayson didn't get far into the maze and wanted Kevin to hold him as they walked through.
He LOVED the animals!
He was funny while feeding the goats. He wouldn't just let them eat out of his hand, he had to pick out each little piece and try to put it in their mouths.
He loved the animals so much he was trying to give them kisses.


The Parry Family said...

FUN!! looks like you guys had a blast!!

What I Did Today said...

So cute! Wish they had something like this close to us. Love the pic of Grayson trying to kiss the goats. Haha!