October 21, 2010


We had her 4 month check up last week. She is growing well and healthy.
At 4 months Grayson was 17.8 lbs, Blakley is 11.1lbs!

She is just so small but so much fun. She is so close to rolling over but her little arm keeps getting in the way. She loves to stick her tongue out which results in slobber all over. She hates tummy time and usually ends up spitting up while on her tummy. She has been in her room for about a month now and does great! Here she is in her Halloween jammies getting read for a Halloween party. I have a cute little custom for her but I think she'll be too small for it.

In the last few weeks she has gone from taking great naps during the day to not really napping at all. So by the end of the day she looks like this, red eyes and totally lethargic. Poor girl I hope I can get her on a good nap schedule soon.


Kylee Brown said...

holy cow! I can't believe she is only 11 lbs! Macy is 2 months now and she is almost that much. Skinny little girl!

The Parry Family said...

what a sweetie! amazing how different each kid looks. grayson looks just like you and blakley looks just like kevin. cant wait to see what mine and ryans other kiddos will look like!! your kids are so cute!

Los Tres Espinoza's said...

Eva is 13 pounds, and in carters 6 months clothes already! She will be 3 months on November 3rd. Every kid is so different. Blakley looks adorable and happy!

Linds said...

She is so cute! Amelia had the same problem with tummy time...Her physical therapist suggested putting her in the nursing pillow or propped up on a towel that way she is at an angle and not putting pressure on her tummy but still strengthening her neck. It worked pretty well for her.