August 14, 2010


The last week of our vacation was full of activities. (I wish I had more pictures but our camera is not working)
Monday: dad did a little work in the morning and that afternoon we went out to play with cousin Diego.
Tuesday: in the morning we went to the aquarium and that night we hit up a mariners game.
Wednesday: we went to look at our condo than met up with a friend for lunch.
Thursday: we had a little pool party with our cousins. Grayson didn't like the pool at first but got used to it and would walk up to the edge and try and jump in. Thanks for having us over!
Friday: we got up and went to the Zoo. Blakley slept the whole time(that's actually what she did all week, hence no pictures of her) Grayson was worn out by the end of the day.
We had such a great time being home and around family. Looking froward to our next trip up there, cross your fingers it will be sooner than later.