August 15, 2010

Check Up

On Friday Blakley had her two month check up. She is growing great and gaining her weight just fine. She still in on the small side but I think she is just going to be a small girl.
Weight: 9.14lbs
Height: 22.5in

She had started to smile but it's hard to capture it with my phone camera(our camera is no longer working, just waiting to get a new one). She loves baths! She just lounges there while we wash her. Tummy time usually turns into nap time for her, she loves sleeping on her tummy! You can't really tell from any picture but her tear ducts are clogged so they get really red and gunky all the time. Poor girl, but we just got her drops so hopefully that will help. Overall she is an awesome baby sleeps great. Can't say it enough we lover her!


Katie Teed said...

She is such a doll! Faye is very petite also. Man, why don't we live near each other? Our kids could be bestest friends. Don't forget, Charlie and Grayson are scheduled to serve missions together in 18 years. Then we can all meet up at the MTC as we send them out. Deal? Deal!