December 7, 2009


Where has this year gone!? I can't believe our baby is almost 1! Here are a few pictures of him from the past month.
His new favorite thing to eat is a hot dog. If I let him, that's all he would eat! He gets so excited when he eats that he gets his food all over, you can see the little hot dog bits on his cheek and arm.
Auntie Kerissa came to visit for Thanksgiving and thought it would be funny to put Grayson in him laundry basket, you can't tell from the picture but he actually liked it. He would flip over and turn it on it's side and crawl right out.
This month has been his month for climbing. He climbs on everything, pulls himself up to everything and is just all over the place. It's so fun to see him grow up and learn new things!

Here he is playing with daddy's new toy. He sat there and just pushed buttons for quite awhile, using his little pointer finger(so cute).


The Hansen Family said...

Seriously. Did he sign something saying he could grow up so fast? He's such a little man now. :-)