December 14, 2009

Deja Vu

It feels like we just did this but here we go again. Just more than a year and a half ago we found out we were expecting and moving to Dallas with in a few weeks of each other. Last week we found out we will be moving to Reno, NV by the end of January and we are just as far a long with this pregnancy. I guess we just like to get all our major achievements done at the same time. The move will be much faster this time around but I think(we're still trying to get used to the idea of moving again) we are excited about this next adventure in our lives.


Alisha and Braeden said...

Yay you are going to be a lot closer! See you guys next week!

Katie Rod said...

Wow! What a busy holiday season you have ahead of you. We wish you well with the move and especially with being pregnant and finding the energy to get it all done.

Linds said...

Wow! At least you'll be closer to home and to me! We'll have to have a road trip to visit!

The Hansen Family said...

Don't go!!!!....Um.....we'll hire you Kevin.
We'll pay in Dr. Pepper and smiles.
Isn't that enough?????