March 23, 2009

What Next...

For a couple months now are faucet in our shower has been dripping a little, and lately we've noticed it getting worse by the day. On Thursday after my shower I went to turn the water off and the water didn't turn off. The knob turned off but the water just kept flowing as if the water was turned on all the way. Great, just what we need a plumbing issue that's going to cost way too much to get fixed! But much to are luck we have a great family around the corner from our ward that was able to help us out. (Thanks for letting us steal your husband on a Friday night!) After a couples hours and an $9 trip to Home Depot the problem was fixed!

So after getting the fixed, I was cleaning the kitchen wiping the counter off and the tile fell right off the side. I don't think I was wiping that hard. :) Don't they say things come in three's, but gosh what else could happen.


soccerdale18 said...

Fly me out there and I'll fix your house!! He he he!!