March 23, 2009


With Gryason being almost 3 months old I'm finally getting close to finishing the nursery. I had plans of getting it done before we had him but the last couple months of pregnancy was harder than I thought it would be. I was huge and getting around just wasn't happening very well. One thing I was able to do thought was surf the internet for his bedding. I looked and looked and looked and finally settled on one that i liked. So I get it, made his crib up with it and had it for a couple months. But as I looked at it more and now had Grayson, it just didn't seem to fit him. So I went on the search again for bedding. I found one the was cheaper and was a 10 piece in stead of just a 4 piece. I love the new one! So for the last couple weeks I've been gathering things for his nursery. This is what I have so far.

(the rocker will replace the chair when we move him out of our room)

So this wall I'm not sure what to do with. On the small one next to the window I'm going to get some canvas and do his feet and hand prints.

Any suggestions?


Alisha and Braeden said...

Oh thats way cute! I want to see what the rest of your house looks like now!

Shady Bradys said...

I did that too. Ashlynn's nursery is super cute, but just doesn't fit her personality. *laugh* You did a great job. It looks really awesome. You've got quite a talent!

The Hansen Family said...

Looks awesome!!! .....Maybe you can come over and help us with Ethan and Beckhams? :-)

Linds said...

It looks great! Good Job!