November 12, 2008

So True!

I saw this a had two thoughts. First-how true! My feet just seem so far away. Second- oh how I wish I could get a pedicure every week! Kevin went with me a couple weeks ago to get one and it was amazing!


Shady Bradys said...

*LAUGH* Oh, I love it! It IS true! And sad. And I discovered (in my 7th month) how much more you appreciate pedicures and pretty toes when you're pregnant! Go as much as you can! I swear it makes a lot of things all better! :)

The Wi Family said...

Hi There- Just wanted to say hi. My husband Bryce and Kevin were good friends during institute a few years back-and we both actually grew up with Layne (Rylan's wife). Anyways, Congratulations on the pregnancy! Where are you you guys at now?

The Wi Family
Kristina & Bryce