December 6, 2010


Grayson is 23months, I cant believe I'll have a two year old in a month!
He is so much fun but does have his moments.
He loves to be just like mommy and daddy. Any chance he can get he will
come sit at the desk and pretend to work on the computer.
This is his favorite way to watch a movie. Just like daddy he loves his popcorn!
We have these moments quite often. When he doesn't get what he wants, when he drops something, when he don't understand him, when he wants out attention.
I feel like these moments stem from the fact that he is being very stubborn about talking. He understands us pretty good but when is comes to talking he just wont use his words.
He loves to put peoples shoes on. Here he asked me to put his sisters shoes on.
So pretty in pink! :)
My favorite is when he puts daddy's shoes on. You can also see in this picture some of his cars. He will pick two cars out in the morning and drag them everywhere with him all day.
This just makes me laugh. He took the spray bottle and soaked himself. I tired showing him how to spay it forward but he insisted on spraying it in his face.


Kyle, Mary Ann, Michael, Nitro & Ellie said...

Come on Mom, it is so much cooler to spray yourself with the squirt bottle then something else, unless it is your little sister, then all bets are off. Wait till he figures that out! LOL.