September 27, 2010

Weekend In SLC

We had a whirl wind of a weekend, but it so fun to see family! Thursday morning we drove the 8 hours and the kids did soo well! Friday we got up early to get to the SLC temple by 7:30 for my cousins wedding. While sitting there waiting Elder Holland walked by, so neat! The ceremony was wonderful and it was nice to be in the temple! Grayson loved walking around the grounds and playing with my cousins son. After pictures we of course had to hit up Attic Circle. We enjoyed our food while Gryason played. That night we went to the reception where Grayson ran around again. Blakley was passed around all day (it was nice to have so much family around to watch the kids). It was a long day but despite the lack of good naps the kids did good.
Saturday we were able to go to some of my cousins football games, hang out with family and eat at a great Mexican place "El Matador".

Loving the temple!

Hanging with dad while taking pictures
Tyring to give Boston a high five.(that's my cousins son, only 24 days a part. wish we lived closer so they could pay)
Grandpa helping him up the slide. He wouldn't go up the stairs.
Sitting on the old Model-T.
Blakley hanging out with Great-Grandma at the foot ball game.