August 26, 2010

Just Because

Yay! I got my new camera yesterday so now I can take pictures of my kids!
I'm trying to get Blakley used to sleeping in her bed while she takes naps. Right now she usually naps in her swing or bean bag. After ten minutes I went in to check on her and she was wide awake. She never stays asleep lying on her back unless she is swaddled.
Our new little "helper" around the house. His new thing is to try and help us clean. He gets the swiffer out at least once a day and "cleans" with it for hours.
We just started using the bumbo with her. She only lasts about 10-15 min in it but she loves it. It's hard to really tell in this picture but she is so tiny sitting in it.
But so cute.


What I Did Today said...

Oooo! A little house cleaner. Enjoy THAT while it lasts! Blakely looks adorable in her bumbo. :)