July 29, 2010

We Miss You

Saturday morning we woke up and notice Bella was walking with a limp. We decided to take her to the vet before we left for our trip. After getting looked at the Dr. determined that she had a slipped disk in her back and would need surgery right away. We prayed and thought about it and felt that surgery wasn't the right thing for her. So she was given a steroid shot and some pain medication. By the end of the day she had gone paralyzed from the middle of her back down.
Monday morning we were leaving and she and Jojo were going to be staying with a friend from work. We got a call from them the next morning say that when they picked her up to take her outside they noticed she was bleeding. They took her to the vet and had the Dr call us. We got a call a little later letting us know that the bleeding was from her bladder beginning to tear from the pressure(she didn't have the function to go to the bathroom). He said there was about a 10% chance she would live if surgery was done right away but that she would need 24 hour care for the rest of her life. We know we couldn't give the kind of care she needed so we decided to put her down. Bella was a great dog and we would like to think we gave her a good life.


What I Did Today said...

Oh man. That's so sad. I'm really sorry to hear that. Hope the hurt in your heart gets better soon.

Sihirli G├╝ller said...

Hey guys ..I ve just clicked on next blog button on my blog and here I am
I am very sorry to hear what happened with Bella. I had to put my golden lab '' macho '' to sleep few months ago . I know hpw it feels.
You ve a lovely family. I wish you guys all the best ..

Katie Teed said...

I am so sorry for you! What a sweet girl. Just remember that Bella lives on. Mabel named her teddy bears Bella and Jojo.