October 8, 2009

Best Of Friends

Grayson absolutely loves the dogs! He will just laugh at them, chase them around and occasionally if he can get close enough try to ripe their ears off.
Here is Grayson and Jojo watching for squirrels.
We knew it would happen sooner or later but he found the dog dish. Ya know he loves those dogs so much he wants to eat just like them.
And I couldn't leave this video out of him and Kevin having some fun. You'll notice that Jojo joins in on the fun at the end.


Shady Bradys said...

So cute! Grayson has such a contagious laugh! Gotta love those doggy kisses too!

Anonymous said...

So fun that he loves his doggies...those are pretty good best friends to have.

The Hansen Family said...

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Grayson is such a stud! We love that little guy.