September 3, 2009

He's Going To Be A Plumber

Last week Grayson had a minor surgery, finally getting circumcised and a phalloplasty. The surgeon and nurses said he did great and everything went well.
(Grayson about two hours after surgey still very drowsy)
The only reason I mention the surgey is to preface the next picutre.
Because I was afraid of causing any pain for him I put him in bigger diapers and pants. This picture is the result.


Katie Rod said...

Poor little fella. That's got to be tough. And I love the crack...Caleb has one at least once a day. Plumbers make a good living, right??

The Parrys said...

aww poor little guy! ouch!... so grateful im a girl at the moment! every time i look at his pictures i am amazed at how much he looks like you kristin.... wow! how is texas treating you guys?

Marie said...

Poor baby! May I ask why he needed a phalloplasty? Glad everything went smoothly!

The butt crack picture is adorable!