September 28, 2009

A "dreamy" Addition

We have known for awhile, actually from the day we got married, that we wanted a king sized bed. We both enjoy our space when we sleep and on top of that two dogs sleeping at our feet, space was limited at times. So last week we made did it, we bought ourselves a king bed!
In the 3 nights that we've had it we have not bumped into each other once and I have not had to fight with the dogs for space. We love it!


Anonymous said...

HOrray for king size beds...they are the best. I sleep in one by myself now and I can't imagine having to share it again...when the twins wake up in the night i can throw them on the other side and I don't even know that they are there! Congrats on better sleeping!

The Millers said...

Our king size bed is one of our best investments! It makes all the difference in the world doesn't it? Happy sleeping!

Katie Teed said...

Come on guys, how long have you been married? And your already sick of snuggling? Hmmmmmm...on the other hand, having two babies in 14 months...maybe we need a king size bed so I can keep Randy away from me! Either that or after the next kid I'll just send him to the couch.