July 30, 2009

Videos From The Trip

At dinner one night we discovered that Grayson loves cantaloupe. My sister was nervous to feed him because he was sucking so hard and suck it right our of your fingers. You'll notice at the end of the video he sucks it out of her fingers and she freaks out a little.


Shady Bradys said...

*laugh* I love how hard he was working on that cantaloupe.

Ashlynn did the same thing to Tony with a strawberry about two months ago. He was holding it for her and she just sucked the whole thing in! Kinda scary for a second!

And of course the open baby bird mouth while Grayson was eating cookie dough is totally funny!

He's getting so big!

Make sure you tell me next time all three of you are up here!

The Hansen Family said...

Oh my gosh this is so funny! Beckham seriously won't eat anything but canteloup right now while we're in Utah...must be baby craze right now.
Grayson is so stinking cute!

The Parrys said...

oh my gosh so ADORABLE!!! i love the video of the canteloupe it is so stinkin cute! im jealous of you going to seattle.... i miss it there so much. how is the change with living in texas? do you guys like it there? i have a friend who recently moved to texas and she loves it... but then again she is from cali so she is used to the heat. :) btw grayson is soooo cute!.. but im sure you know that haha

Marie said...

He is SO cute! :D