July 13, 2009

Just For Fun

Here are some random pictures from this month.
I just thought this was cute, with the football on his bum.
My brother gave this hat to Grayson It's a 24month size hat so we thought it wouldn't fit him for awhile but at 6months it fits him just right.

Here is some 4th of July spirit.

And here is his best fish impression.


Katie Rod said...

hahahha...love the fish impression. What a cutie!

Katie Teed said...

Very cute! I think Charlie is still sad we left his best friend Grayson. And Mabel still talks about Bella and Jo Jo. Hey, I need your email, I want that recipe for that salad that you made when we were leaving...mmmmmmmmmm. Kevin doesn't know what he's missing.

The Hansen Family said...

Cute little fish...pucker up! Love the football bum too:)

The Parrys said...

GO MARINERS!!! That hat is too cute! he is so adorable!!! thanks for the comment on my blog. she is growing up so fast and getting so big... im sure you know the feeling :). thats so fun that he is growing up and changing so much! he is seriousely sooo sooo cute! cami says she wants to reserve a date for 16 years from now.