June 29, 2009

Tired But Still Having Fun

We got Grayson this bouncer about a month ago. At first he wasn't so into it but now he will stay in there for a while. I'm not even kidding he was in there for almost an hour today, I tried to take him out but he would start crying.
This was him when I first put him in, jumping around having fun.

This was him about 45 minutes in, laying his head down but still bouncing.

Aww...and he feel asleep as I was writing this post.


Shady Bradys said...

That is so hilarious! And cute. Isn't it so fun to learn more about your baby's personality, his likes and dislikes, everyday? I love it.

Kerissa said...

i wont lie that first picture little squirt looks a little scared haha

Linds said...

I love those things...Coleson lived in his! It was great!