May 14, 2009

Game Time

Last night the Mariners were in town playing the Ranger so we thought we would catch a game from the 3 game series. Grayson slept on the way there so we thought he would be fine. We got his out of the car put him in his carrier and made out way to the stadium. He was doing just fine but the second we walked into the stadium he started crying and really didn't stop until the 8th inning. So what we thought would be a fun time watching a game turned into...i dunno. Even though he was crying it was still nice to get out and do something.


Kerissa said...

that would happen... and ps your picture isnt showing up

The Hansen Family said...

Been there, done that.
We've gone to the rough rider games and we have to sit in the outfield , which is usualy pretty empty so muffle the crying if it starts.
Let's catch the next game together. Parker has tickets on sale for $10 each.