May 5, 2009

4 Months

Yay he is getting taller! Grayson has always grown but mostly in his weight and head circumference. Since is last check up he grew 2 inches, he finally into the 50th percentile for height.
His 4 month stats:

Height: 25in(54%)
Weight: 17lb 8oz(90%)
Head: 43in(70%)
He is just our little chunk!


Megan said...

He looks so much like you!! What a cutie!

Katie Rod said...

I just love those squishy cheeks, but I know how heavy those little chunks can be carrying around all day. Just think of how much more buff you'll be when he's 6 months!

The Hansen Family said...

You da man G, you da man!

The Parrys said...

AWWW what a cute little chunk! how sweet. Cami was all chunk till she was 6 months old... 18 lbs at 6 months.. she is 10 months now and only weighs 18 1/2 haha! Funny how they have to grow out before they grow up. He is SO stinkin cute though. Oh and im jealous of your trip to seattle. Seattle is beautiful and i miss it so much!

Anonymous said...

He is one good lookin' kid!