September 19, 2008

We Can't Wait!

So we have been in our temp housing for about a month now and only have a week and a half left. As nice as it has been we can't wait to get into our own place and get our own stuff back! About two weeks ago we put an offer on a house down here in Texas and by next Friday we should be closing! It's an older house but we are buying it from flippers so it all fixed up inside so we wont have to do much but unpack when we move in.
I wish I had pictures to show but the camera cord got packed by accident, so once I find it we'll get some pictures up.


Megan said...

Come on camera cord...go find your owners...I need pictures! Oh by the way, Kenna is missing JoJo terribly. Everytime we go to soccer, she needs JoJo with her. She gets so sad. :(

Kevin and Kristen said...

I was thinking of sending here a picture drawn by "Jojo" I know she thought that was cool when we were there.