March 23, 2008

What was I thinking!?

So my dad and I took off on Thursday for the San Fransisco to watch my sister play games against Notre Dame. We were having tons of fun and loved seeing Kerissa. But Saturday morning my dad had an idea. If anyone knows my dad when he gets ideas sometimes...most of the time they are crazy. But I thought I knew better then this but I agreed with him. So instead of driving home today we drove over to Las Vegas and down to St. George to watch her play against Dixie State. Now this all sounds good, and it is, but I just got thinking now we have to drive home. It's like a 20 hour drive! So now we'll get home Wednesday morning and after a lot of sun burn and butt pain from sitting that long, it will all be worth it!


Megan said...

So I just noticed that Kevin's brother is named Rylan. You guys must think it's so weird I named our girl Rilynn. I never heard the name before! I wanted to name her Rylee but there are to many now, so I switched it up. Oh well, I now have two girls with boy names! They love me!

Megan said...

We might go to St. George over Memorial Day weekend. Check your calendar and meet us there! :)